FBOP Black Tea

We select only the finest fresh picked tea leaves from the lush green tea gardens in
Sri Lanka to create our quality range of black teas.

Mouslum Tea Ceylon Black meets you with the real Sri Lanka tea. Having been diligently treated from seeding to collecting, This top quality tea is blended and packaged for passionate tea addicts and served to treat your taste buds.


For a delicious cup of Mouslum Tea;

Put one tea spoon in a dry cup. Pour on freshly boiledwater. Stir gently and allow to infuse for a few minutes before removing the Tea.

For a stronger cup, allow to infuse for little longer. To prepared iced tea: Use double strength hot tea as the base. Pour into glass half filled with crushed ice (melting ice will dilute tea to serving strength).

MT103 24 X 500 GR
MT151 24 X 400 GR
MT154 48 X 200 GR
MT158 100X 90 GR