This tea will make you forget all about the tea you tasted before.

Mouslum Tea Super Pekoe is a fine grade of tea which includes young tea leaves and buds.

When well handled and brewed, the tea has a rich forest-like scent with a hint of bitterness and a sweet finish.
Mouslum Tea Super Pekoe has long been prized as one of the finest of teas.


For a delicious cup of Mouslum Tea;

Put one tea spoon in a dry cup. Pour on freshly boiledwater. Stir gently and allow to infuse for a few minutes
before removing the Tea.

For a stronger cup, allow to infuse for little longer. To prepared iced tea: Use double strength hot tea as the base.
Pour into glass half filled with crushed ice (melting ice will dilute tea to serving strength).

MT106 10 X 900 GR
MT167 24 X 400 GR
MT139 48 X 200 GR
MT161 100 X 90 GR