Ceylon Tea is famous for its versatility, variety, individuality of flavour, style and strength due to the unique combination
of topography and weather .

The fact that our industry is driven by over 150 years of experience in Orthodox tea manufacture further solidifies the steadfast
legacy of Ceylon tea.

Ceylon Tea however is not a single product, but a range of fine teas of great diversity, produced in distinct agro climatic zones
such as Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula, Uva, Uda Pussellawa, Kandy and Ruhuna. The connoisseur has a further choice of 38 sub districts
within which are the single gardens, each producing their own unique Ceylon tea.The influence of these climatic conditions
imparts to the product a variety of flavours and aromas accentuating its quality. The rich soil, cool climate, pure water of the terrain
provides the ideal conditions for growing tea. On a regular basis the country enjoys the benefits of two seasonal monsoon each year.
Ceylon unlike any other countries can produce a range of delicate teas wanted by the connoisseurs the world over.


Ceylon Tea Lion Logo owned by the Sri Lanka Tea Board appears on consumers packs assuring it contains 100% Pure Ceylon Tea
and is packed In Sri Lanka .Ceylon Tea Lion logo is registered internationally and is subject to many conditions to guarantee
the quality of Pure Ceylon Tea.